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Saratoga Springs, New York native PORTYL (Tyler DeMartino) began producing music after years of his life being influenced by ODESZA. Infatuated with the power music has to change peoples life, he began his journey producing music inspired completely by the duo ODESZA. Blending natural and organic instruments, eclectic vocals, and electronic elements, he aims to create blissful empowering music to motivate and inspire anyone to pursue their dreams.
PORTYL’s debut happened just in 2020, delivering over a dozen tracks; most notably apart of his most recent EP “Blind With Color”. A new album, “Things You Can’t Explain” is slated for late June with PORTYL taking steps to solidifying himself as an artist with authenticity in his sound.

“Someone else’s dream begins because you chased yours. You have the power to lift up others just like your idols did the same for you. You’re always one click away from anything you can imagine” - PORTYL


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