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Orlando based, Sequoia, is a multi-talented artist who’s main purpose is to push the realm of capabilities within the digital art space & inspire those who experience her work. She is an electronic music producer, DJ, graphic sketch artist, motion graphic designer, & NFT dealer. Her creative journey began from a very young age when she started singing covers of her favorite songs. She recalls putting on many living room concerts for her family & even recruited her little brother as a back up dancer. As she grew older, she became more & more fascinated by technology. This background in computers helped her significantly when she first downloaded the digital audio workspace FL Studio at age 18. Sequoia was immediately fascinated by the intricacy of the software & took it upon herself to study the art of electronic music production. As she progressed & started releasing tracks, she opted to design the cover art for her songs as well. From there her passion for graphic sketch art & motion design were born. Along side of her creative endeavors, Sequoia was also keeping up with the Crypto space as it unfolded & grew more popular at the turn of the decade. Now, in 2022 she is creating NFT projects for fans of her work to enjoy & collect as they are released. Sequoia is very optimistic for the future of the Crypto & NFT space & believes it will revolutionize the music & art world in ways never previously imagined. “We are still in the early days of everything & as more people dedicate their lives to uncovering the full capabilities of blockchain technology, we will truly discover just how powerful & necessary decentralization is.”

- Sequoia

You can keep up with Sequoia by following her Instagram @sequoiabeats & checking out her music on Soundcloud

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