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You can find Thoughts in Threads all across the states!  You can find us at different festivals of every genre, for example, cannabis events, sporting events and music festivals.  To name a few we’ve been featured at HolyShift Fest in Florida, The Sunshine State Cannabis Festival in Tampa, Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, Project Glow in Washington, DC, EDC Vegas and EDC Orlando, along with many other! We take pride in going out in the world and showcasing TinT art as well as other local artists throughout the country. 


We focus our booth presence around the arts, and instead of creating a storefront, we create an unforgettable and engaging experience!  We host live painters, performers, giveaways, and a place for people to kick back, reset, and be immersed in the arts. For attendees this can be inspirational, as they have an unusual opportunity to either enjoy the experience or be a part of the experience! 


Shoppers have the chance to sign up for future live painting events, sign up to DJ at the booth, and/or apply to have their artwork exhibited in the booth.





Are you interested at performing at your favorite festivals? Since we partnered up with Sweet Sounds Collective you have the chance to shine!


Sweet Sounds is an artist-to-artist network that serves as an incubator for the growing artist. We integrate with Sweet Sounds by offering in-house merch production to those in the community. You can find Sweet Sounds at all major festival stops TinT holds a vending booth at. The space is used to empower the festival goer to perform on these grounds by holding open decks for DJs & producers to showcase their talents. Our goal is to inspire creatives to keep pursuing their passions, knowing the festival mainstage is just a few steps away. Performing in the booth also serves as a welcoming into Sweet Sounds blossoming community with the opportunity to perform on digital & IRL events they curate.


This is a one-of-a-kind experience like no other. Greenroom treatment is offered to performers with a space to charge your phone, free refreshments, a moon mat to relieve your back & knees and free media coverage. All are welcome to perform, no discrimination on sound or prior experience! 


Keep an eye on their page @wearesweetsounds (link IG url) for event updates. A dedicated sign up sheet will be linked in bio pre-event for the open decks. Please come to the booth on opening day of the festival to confirm your slot time so you know where the booth is located. We ask that performers support the TinT x SSC brand by purchasing a merch item ($25 value or more) to help offset booth costs. Join a wonderful group of artists who go home saying they performed at their favorite festival. Show us what you got! 


Note to all artists…have those USBs ready! You never know when it’s your moment to shine. Become the headliner you’ve always envisioned! For any other questions please contact




Here at Thoughts in Threads we surround our entire vision around the arts.  We would absolutely love to get you involved! If you are interested in live painting, merchandise, or product, please(s), please email to apply.  


Please include:


1) Your name & company name (if applicable)

2) Contact information including address, phone number, email and IG

3) If you have a product you would like to sell, include 4+ pictures

4) If you are interested in putting your artwork on merchandise (TinT printing or embroidery)

5) If you are interested in participating in live painting

6) 3+ pictures showing your creations

7) A brief summary of why you think your product, art, or music would add to the Thoughts in Threads experience

8) A brief summary of your passion behind your participation and what drives you to create


With our main focus centered around art, we are always looking to bring on artists. We know likeminded individuals like ourselves would thrive on our team!  What are you waiting for?? Apply today!

For any other questions please email and we will be happy to answer them for you.