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Our kitchen collection dishware is TALAVERA pottery.


Talavera pottery has its roots in the Arab-Andalusia culture in Spain.  About 8 centuries ago, Arab potters settled in a location now days known as Talavera de la Reina and developed the techniques to create the earthenware known as Majolica. The word Majolica originated in Italy and it refers to a process that the Italians used in the 14th Century to produce ceramics.  This technique consisted basically of applying or brushing pigments on raw or unfired glaze.  Majolica was introduced in Mexico in the 16th century, when (according to the most accepted theory), Spanish monks used craftsmen imported from Talavera de La Reina to teach native artisans living in the Puebla region how to work the clay in order to craft pieces comparable to the ones produced in Spain.  The monks wanted to decorate their monasteries and churches with tiles and religious figures. 

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