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Ever since 2014, Roobski has embraced the influences of house and techno (such as Dennis Cruz, Oscar L, Shadow Child, Amtrac, Tiger Stripes, Nathan Barato) to contribute to his own unique, upbeat, tech-bass, and foot shuffling sound to the musical world. Currently stationed in the Cleveland/Akron area, he started experimenting with his sound at house parties and hand-me-down equipment, and over the years shares his vision with other artists and DJ collectives known locally around the area. When he’s not DJing, he’s looking for new ways to experiment and blend genres to further expand the creative musical envelope.

“For me, it’s all about having fun and getting people into a groove from the moment they walk into the venue… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. “




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